Baby and Preschool Swimming Lessons

At Tracy Lowe Swim School we follow the STA programme for baby/Toddler and preschool swimming lessons. Babies will start on a foundation course before moving onto their 1st badge Starfish 1, (there are 6 starfish badges). Toddlers will start on the Stanley range depending on their age and ability. We do submerge the babies but only when they are ready and happy to do so. It is not in a forced manner and the idea is to stimulate them through movement/songs, activities and for them to enjoy the water.

With the integration of your baby/toddlers Sensory skills we can advance your babies Sensory systems: Vision, Hearing, Touch, Smell & Taste, and Movement in the water. This has been proven to assist and improve children’s processing and aid their development.

It is a very special time for you and your baby (bonding time), where you enjoy meeting other mums and look forward to your weekly swim. They learn how to hold on, how to back float and how to rotate, all life saving skills they may need should they fall into the water accidentally. They will have lots of ups and downs with teething, illness etc, but they will gain water confidence and obtain a skill for life!

Download our helpful booklets below:

Parent and baby water-safety booklet STA Parents Practice Sheet

Joining us

If you decide to join I would recommend a body warmer even though the pool is warm, you might want something a little extra to keep them warm, this also helps your baby with back floating. You will receive a FREE goodie bag when you sign up for a whole course including a swim bag and Happy Nappy, worth £9.99! (See below). Body warmers are not included. Mum’s and dad’s wear your normal swim wear but only one parent in the pool at one time please. Get in touch today and join our swim school, whether just starting or requiring a older or more advanced class.

Underwater Photography

Our wonderful photos are taken by Little Dolphin Underwater photography.


Potty training

We have an agreement with all our pools that all babies and toddlers up to the age of 4 should use a swim nappy and a Happy Nappy.

We are not allowed children who are not potty trained at Handcross Park School on Sundays.

Splash About

Happy Nappy

Happy NappyEvery baby needs a reliable swim nappy and a Splash About’s Happy Nappy which is the only swim nappy we insist upon. There is a wide range of designs and sizes for boys and girls, it’s the only safe way to stay clean and get noticed in the pool.

  • Tried and tested leak free design. Simply rinse, roll and reuse.
  • Complementary to the rest of the baby wetsuits ranges.