Swimming Term Dates

Cisswood Course Dates 2019

Available every Tuesday & Friday from 12:00-1:30pm only

Tues 8th Jan till Tues 2nd April (No swimming Tues 19th Feb) 201912 weeks
Tues 23rd April till Tues 16th July (No swimming Tues 28th May) 201912 weeks
Fri 11th Jan till Fri 5th April (No swimming Fri 16th Feb) 201912 weeks
Fri 26th April till Fri 12th July (No swimming Fri 31st May) 201911 weeks
Fri 13th Sept till Fri 6th Dec (No swimming Fri 1st Nov) 201912 weeks

Cottesmore Course Dates 2019

Wednesday mornings only between 9.00am-10.30am only

Wed 9th Jan till Wed 3rd April (No swimming Wed 20th Feb) 201912 weeks
Wed 24th April till Wed 17th July (No swimming Wed 29th May) 201912 weeks
Wed 11th Sept till Wed 11th Dec (No swimming Wed 30th Oct) 201913 weeks

Handcross Park School Course Dates 2019

Sunday’s  between 7.45am – 2.00pm & Wednesday’s 4.00pm – 7.00pm starting Jan 19

Sun 6th Jan till Sun 31st Mar (No swimming Sun 17th Feb) 201912 weeks
Wed 9th Jan till Wed 3rd April (No swimming Wed 20th Feb) 2019 
Sun 28th April till Sun 14th July (No swimming Sun 26th May) 201912 weeks
Sun 8th Sept till Sun 8th Dec (No swimming Sun 27th Oct) 201913 weeks

Towers Convent Course Dates 2019

Monday evenings From 3.45pm- 7.45pm

NEWS FLASH! New Classes Thursday mornings 9.30am till 11.00am

Mon 7th Jan till Mon 1st April (No swimming Mon 18th Feb) 201912 weeks
Mon 29th April till Mon 15th July (No swimming Mon 22nd April, 6th & 27th May) 201910 weeks
Mon 9th Sept till Mon 16th Dec (No swimming Mon 28th Oct) 201914 weeks
Thurs 6th Sept till Thurs 20th Dec (No swimming Thurs 25th Oct) 201814 weeks
Thurs 10th Jan till Thurs 4th April (No swimming Thurs 21st Feb) 201912 weeks
Thurs 25th April till Thurs 18th July (No swimming Thurs 30th May) 201912 weeks
Thurs 12th Sept till Thurs 12th Dec (No swimming Thurs 31st Oct) 201913 weeks

Free Trial

All free trials are for half an hour so let your children come along for a free trial to see if it is the right class for them and if you like our style and ethos!

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Siblings Discount

We offer sibling discounts, so if you have more than one child wishing to learn how to swim or Improve then this will all help with the cost.

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