Elle Chapman
Tracy is a brilliant teacher. We have been swimming with her since my little girl was 3 months old. Jessica is now 3 years old and this morning we had our first lesson at Lancing Dive Centre which was great. Jess is so happy and confident in her lessons. I would recommend Tracy Lowe’s lessons to babies and children of all ages!
Pip Mortimer
Tracy is the most fantastic swimming teacher! She has been teaching my son to swim since he was 1 years old. This year at the age of 7 he was jumping off a boat and swimming unaided in water 20 metres deep (plus) with no fear! Keep up the fab work Tracy, he wants to learn to dive next!
Debbie Driver
Tracy Lowe has been teaching my grandchildren to swim since they were small babies and are now 6 and 3 and both love their weekly lessons. My 6 year old granddaughter has become a confident and keen swimmer thanks to the excellent opportunities and teaching from Tracy. My 3 year old grandson is now swimming a few strokes on his own and has become independent and very confident. I cannot recommend Tracy highly enough – she is firm and fair and all her pupils thoroughly enjoy their lessons.
Jana Griffin
We have been swimming with Tracy for 6 years now. I have two children Victoria 7 and Anthony 4. Tracy helped both of them to overcome their fear of deep water and turned them into confident swimmers. She is always there to answer any questions or give a helping hand. I’m looking forward to watch my kids perfecting their swimming techniques in brilliant lessons coached by Tracy and her team. Thank you!.
Mrs Harding
Tracy Lowe has taught both my sons to swim. She makes the learning fun by including games that make them apply the skills they are learning in a fun way. The children in the classes are given opportunities to work together and celebrate successes. Tracy encourages individuals to achieve their best and dedicates time to each child to allow them to progress and thrive at the level best fitting their ability. Class sizes are small and personal from when you are a mum in the pool with your little one to when you are an observer from the pool side. Both of my boys aged 3 and 7 are confident in the water, love swimming and look forward to their swimming lessons. The style and pace of the lessons and the encouragement they are given to succeed suite my boys. I would highly recommend swimming with Tracy Lowe.
Jane Warren Mulder
Tracy Lowe has taught my eight-year-old daughter Bea swimming for the past seven years. She is an exceptionally gifted teacher who brings on each child to the best of their ability, while also making the lessons great fun. Bea feels stretched and stimulated by all she learns with Tracy, and is always enthusiastic for her next lesson because she can sense that Tracy is committed to taking her to the next level and knows exactly how to get her there. As a parent who has never liked the water, to see my daughter confident and eager to swim in any context is beyond wonderful. A few years ago Bea told me that her swimming lessons make her feel “blissful” – to experience this kind of satisfaction from an activity is what every parent wants their child to feel, and what very special teachers can bring about. I wholeheartedly recommend Tracy’s SWIMMING SCHOOL, and the nurturing and focused approach that underlies her teaching technique.
Mrs Warbrick
Tracy has been teaching my boys to swim since they were babies or toddlers. She is brilliant! Her teaching technique is great, she makes the boys feel comfortable and confident and she is really focused on safety. My two eldest are top swimmers at school and on holiday we always get asked where they learnt to swim as they are so good. Scott can already swim a width. Other than moving the pool next door to my house, I wouldn’t change anything about the swimming lessons! Tracy is great.
Mrs Hoggan
My eldest daughter has been taught by Tracy for nearly seven years since she was 15 months old, and has gone from a toddler splashing about and enjoying the water to a confident swimmer whose stroke technique is constantly improving. She just loves to be in the water and looks forward to her swimming lessons every week and has never once said she doesn’t want to go. Six months ago Tracy also started teaching my younger daughter, who was nervous in the water and had suffered some setbacks. Tracy knew exactly how to deal with it and through careful nurturing she is now as happy in the water as her big sister and is beginning to develop her skills. Tracy’s classes are both full of fun and instructional. The children not only learn to swim, they are also taught important life preserving skills (with swimming in pyjamas a favourite of my two). Tracy also ensures that any of the teachers who work with her also operate to the same high standard with teaching methods being consistent throughout. As far as my daughters are concerned they wouldn’t want to be taught by anyone else. I would urge anyone looking for a swimming teacher for their child to look no further than Tracy, she is second to none.