Weekly Swimming Classes aged 3 upwards

We offer a good level of service in our weekly swimming classes and offer lessons that are tailored to each child’s individual needs. Regular lessons are so important to maintain continuity and a good progression.

We offer a wide range of lessons in small classes (compared to other swim schools and Leisure Centres) at several warm Private pools in West Sussex. All our swimming lessons follow the STA programme. Their ethos is to encourage and distract rather than a forced manner to teach your child to swim. We also have a strong emphasis on water safety. As your child’s water confidence grows so will your child’s ability to improve their strokes. We can then work on a high standard of stroke technique set by the ASA/Swim England, extending their stamina, diving and other water skills. You never know they may wish to go onto Swim for a club or compete (so many of our swimmers have already). In our Development Squads and JLA classes we work on Good technique to make you more effective in the water, you never know when you may get into trouble. Being a competent swimmer could save your life or the life of another.

The STA criteria explores the possibilities of other aquatic skills which your children may progress onto and enjoy like; sailing, canoeing, water skiing and Scuba Diving etc. Once you have learnt how to swim well (ASA/Swim England Stage 5/STA Shark 1) the skill will stay with you for life enabling you to enjoy swimming for fitness later on, (just like riding a bike). You will not have to worry about your children and teenagers getting into difficultly in the water. Holidays will be much more fun as they will be able to swim confidently, peace of mind!

We will reward your child with badges and certificates when the high standards of the swim school are met.

Our swimming lessons, offered throughout West Sussex, range from parent and baby classes (starting from 3 months old), Toddlers, Pre School children, and children of all ages and abilities not forgetting adults. All classes are with a maximum of 6 pupils per teacher, per class and last half an hour unless otherwise stated. Prices may vary from pool to pool. Once your child is swimming lengths comfortably then the class sizes will increase to 6 or more children per teacher/coach.

All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced with all the relevant DBS checks and Insurance etc.

We also recommend that the children attend the Crash Courses held during the Summer and Easter School Holidays at Handcross Park School.

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All beginners will start on the Stanley badge range and progress on to swimming with no aids by STA Stanley 5 (ASA Duckling 5), working on their breathing and body position whilst building on their water confidence.
From STA Stanley 6 they will improve on their body position, and fine tune their breathing whilst working on improving their stroke technique, with more skills added.

Adding more advanced stroke techniques and a greater understanding of safety issues, performing life saving exercises. More work on turns, starts and diving to make a more competent swimmer over further distances whilst maintaining the strokes. To learn more click on the NEW and exciting Development Squads & Junior Lifeguard Academy course details and pathway

These will run during the Easter and Summer School holidays at Cottesmore School and Handcross Park School. You will see amazing results after a 5 day intensive course where your child/children come every day for 5 days. Guaranteed improvements!
These can be offered but due to the very limited pool space it may not always be possible. There will be an additional cost for any 1-1 or 1-2 lessons offered.